Heralds of Spring by Patricia Crandall (poem)

             HERALDS OF SPRING

                   A fuzzy black caterpillar
                   waddles across
                   last evening's snowfall.
                   A twelve inch measure
                   from his tiny tracks
                   are sodden remnants
                   of autumn leaves
                   and brave little tufts
                   of spring green grass.


  1. Patricia,

    We've reached out to you several times via email & also via your site contact form.

    I've told my staff to post the advertisement but we have still not seen the info submitted here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M_Fchupy9jrE10k347Ug5Slw4UvcBbW933Z5a5mBFk4/viewform

    Without that info we have no way to confirm that everything is the same & once the ads are posted, we will not be able to go back & fix them. Please submit your info using that link.



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