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The Villages, FL. –July 9, 2012–Creative Writer’s Notebookannounces the winning writers and honorable mention honorees of the 2011 Short Story Competition.
PatriciaCrandallwas named an Honorable Mention Honoree in the annual short story competition for her story “The Crazy Jug.”
The Crazy Jug: Gertrude Carver , a retired schoolteacher and Nina Westacott , a homemaker, delight in bottle mining activities. When a shy, reclusive farmer invites them to dig specimens in the ancestral dump, he soon becomes as enthralled in digging for old bottles and glass as they are. In a rare, generous gesture, Cyrus Gilhooley presents Gert with a unique jug found in an old barn on his property. Why does he change his mind and demand that Gert return the Crazy Jug? Join Gert and Nina in their warm and humorous escapades.
I am pleased to have been an Honorable Mention Honoree in Creative Writer’s Notebook for the past three years. As well as this year’s honor, my short stories, Pink Victorian Lady and Frogs,…