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No Guts - No Gory by Nicole St. Onge

No Guts, No Gory, by Nicole St. Onge, my granddaughter, has been accepted for publication by FICTION on the WEB for October 30th, 2015. 

The Pink Victorian Lady accepted at FICTION on the WEB

I received this acceptance coming out on October 11:
Congratulations! "The Pink Victorian Lady" has been accepted for publication at FICTION on the WEB, and will appear on 11 October.
You can support Fiction on the Web at
Thanks, Charlie

Yours Anonymous by Peter Orr (book review)

Yours, Anonymous should be read by every parent, teacher, student and potential bully, nerd and geek. Perhaps then, there would be less complex situations like Ashley White’s. Peter David Orr has documented an 11th grade student’s interviews, which shine the light on how the authorities committed a tragic error by allowing those responsible for a fellow student’s death to go unpunished. Yours, Anonymous is a spell-binding read involving bullying, drugs, and self-serving teens. - by Patricia Crandall (reviewer)


OLD FRIEND Thirty years have passed old friend since childhood romps through green pastures and cow dung were worthy pastimes. When trespassing over wooden fences and climbing octopus apple trees were ultimate achievements. Do you remember chasing headless chickens in the barnyard?

Life With a Maine Coon Cat acceptance

We would like to publish Life With a Maine Coon Cat in the September 2015 issue of both our digital and new print version of A Long Story Short magazine and ezine. 

Thank you for your submission, Anisa A. Claire Editor, A Long Story Short A Long Story Short Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions