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It All Adds Up! by Patricia Crandall in Long Story Short

Patricia Crandall's short story, It All Adds Up! will be published in the July issue of Long Story Short.  Get your copy.

"Frogs, Gnomes, Hikers and Bottle Miners by Patricia Crandall

Please mark your calendars:

"Frogs, Gnomes, Hikers and Bottle Miners" has been accepted for publication at FICTION on the WEB, and will appear on 10 July.

Call For Submissions for Mystery/Thriller

I'm part of a small team called Inkitt, and we've built a free platform to help authors reach their full potential and build a reader base.
Today we've launched our Mystery / Thriller writing contest, called "Fated Paradox".
See the details on the contest page:
As a published author, I'm sure you have aspiring writers in your network who might be interested in such an opportunity.
If you share our passion for helping mystery writers succeed, perhaps you could help us spread the word about the contest. If you would be generous enough to publish a call for submissions on your blog, you can use the visuals and text directly from this summary. And since excerpts and old stories are eligible too, many established authors use our contests to promote their novels. This might be a reason for you to enter the contest yourself.
Our most active users include literary professors, and published authors too. We are proud of the high number of …

Honorable Mentions 2014 Creative Writer's Notebook Short Story Contest

To all who entered the 2014 Creative Writer’s Notebook Short Story Contest, here are the winners and honorable mentions. Thank you for entering and congratulations to all whose entries are named on this list. I will need you to send me the digital Word file of your short story as soon as possible along with your bio (updated if I already have one on file because of other contests). If your story or other entries did not make the list this time, please keep trying. The 2015 Short Story Contest begins shortly and you have until Jan 31, 2016 to get your entries in. I will send out the guidelines later this month. Again, thank you all for entering. The Judges’ comments and scores will be forthcoming. Mary Lois Mary Lois Sanders Publisher/Managing Editor Creative Writer’s Notebook Court Jester Publications 2014 CWN Short Story Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions FIRST The Bunker DOYLE, Mike SECOND Grimm …