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Acceptances for Patricia Crandall

Poem: Chances Are You Will Want to Come to New York City, is published in April issue of Long Story Short magazine.

Short story: The Crazy Jug, has been accepted for publication at Fiction on the Web on May 1.

Poem: Chernobyl, will be published in an upcoming issue of Wordpeace. 

THE OLD BARN - a poem by Patricia Crandall

The old gray barn sleeps in the windless meadow where brilliant sunsets crown its peaked rooftop. Starlings sprinkle black along the eaves. The old gray barn creaks and groans, unable to surrender. It is a keeper of mice,     squirrels and barnyard cats,     lofty, musty, with remnants of happier days when it was a haven for children, now grown, rarely visited by the present generation. Fate is a windstorm