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Won First Place

My flash fiction story Managing the System won first prize in the flash fiction contest in the January/February issue of Northern Stars Magazine, Beverly Kleikamp, editor/publisher.


NEW BOOK COMING SOON:Pat's Collectibles is due out soon. Be watching for it from Beachfront Press. All her short stories will be included in this one book. An announcement and link will be provided for you when it's published.

Review on new book from Beachfront Press

Hi Patricia,
Beachfront tagged you in a post. Beachfront wrote: "A shout out to author, Patricia Crandall for penning a wonderful collection of short stories. She has whipped up some real, down-home cooking, brimming with friendship, and served with three sides of simple adventure."
The Facebook Team
Pat's Collectible's will be out soon. It features all her wonderful short stories.

Love Interlude - Finalist

Check out my story  "Love Interlude"  I was one of the finalists - Sera Publishing


WINTER-SPRING Winter relinquishes a diadem to a more beauteous star. Slowly, ice melts into vapor and sun undresses the snowy ground. Streams flow purely down mountainsides. A prismatic, golden energy is instilled into every being.

Finalist at Sera Publishing

Read "Love Interlude" finalist in contest at Sera Publishing.