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Like Glassa novel by Matthew CoryBOOK SUMMARY:The story is that of Rob Jackson, piano student, who falls briefly -- but fiercely -- in love with Janet during their college years in California. After a short courtship, Rob invites her to a party with his brother, Bill, though Rob is unable to attend until later in the evening as he must study for his finals. They promise to call him later in the evening to see how much longer he has, and the phone never rings.As it turns out, Bill and Janet have had a quick fling at the party, leaving Rob devastated. Janet turns out to be pregnant, she and Bill marry and move to Washington state, leaving Rob miserable and wishing his brother dead, as this wasn't the first time Bill had betrayed him in such a way (though none of the previous times were with a love Rob felt as strongly about, nor one he'd trusted as much). Rob leaves music behind and pursues a business degree, landing a job with a small internet development compan…