Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Granddaughter won third place in contest and I received two honorable mentions.

My granddaughter, Nicole St. Onge, tied for 3rd place with her story: No Guts, No Gory. I'm so proud of her. My two honorable mentions are: HM#19 & 21. 

Hello all,

I am proud to announce to you FIRST the winners (5 stories w/ ties) and honorable mentions (21 stories with some ties) of the CWN 2013 Short Story Contest.

Congratulations to ALL who entered. This was a tremendous year as you willsee from the results.

Flea Bag
Watkins, Allen
The Secret I Kept from My Husband
Robinson, Cathleen C.
Live Oak
Russell, Vanessa
No Guts, No Gory
St. Onge, Nicole (my granddaughter)
Organ Donor
Stark, Jim

HM 4
The Object of Desire
Malinger, Christopher
HM 5
Blood Ties
Watkins, Allen
HM 6
Corporale, Claudia J.
HM 6
Crazy Girl
Doyle, T. Michael
HM 8
It Always Rains on My Side
Petro, Jack
HM 9
Practice Makes Perfect
Newhouse, Mark H.
HM 9
The Fog Lifted
Maurer, David L.
HM 9
Closing In
Tichenor, Jane V.
HN 12
New Beginnings
Johnson, Millard
HM 13
Adam Won
Pletcher, Charles F.
HM 14
John Dough
Petro, Jack
HM 14
The Reunion
Snively, David A.
I Someone Crazy?
Ridge, Francis X.
HM 16
Senior Project
Snively, David A.
HM 18
Snively, David A.
HM 19
A Ghostly Heritage
Crandall, Patricia
Unplanned Layover
Snively, David A.
Maine Coon Cat
Crandall, Patricia
Fighting Spirit
McGann, Jim
Cross World Puzzles
Pletcher, Charles F.

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