Monday, September 10, 2012

The Garden of Love in Flash Fiction World Ebook

This substantial book is for lovers of flash fiction and short stories. They present seventy high-quality stories of up to 1000 words in all genres - thrillers, romance, comedy, horror, fantasy, crime and more. If your taste is for fiction that leans more to the commercial side, with fast-driven plots and action all the way you won't be disappointed. 

At the same time many of their stories are literary in style. They deal with the inner conflicts, fears and dramas that take place in the human being. Whatever your preference you will find plenty of reading material (over 44,000 words) in these pages to keep you happy and leave you fulfilled.
I guarantee that you will enjoy a fiction feast and will be seeking more stories by many of the writers that you discover in these pages.

Patricia Crandall's story, The Garden of Love. Get your copy here today. Flash Fiction World E-book.

Check out Flash Fiction World website.

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