Monday, January 12, 2009

Patricia Crandall


Patricia Crandall, Author: Ransom Nobel Host Boyd Hipp on Virtual ...
By Author
Patricia Crandall visits Holly Jahangiri · Patricia Crandall Meets Kathy Stemke on Book Tour · Patricia Crandall Visits Vivian Zabel · Author Patricia Crandall hosts Linda Ballou on Boo... Patricia Crandall visits with Kathy Stemke on ...
Patricia Crandall, Author -
Power by Deception: In Paperback by Popular Demand!
Author Patricia Crandall Delves into the Deviant World of Dog Fighting, 11/12/2008. New Book Encourages Women to Analyze Effects of Adultery, Pornography, Drugs and Domestic Abuse, 11/12/2008. Chicago Sun Times Raves About Novel Rocket ...
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America, a poem by Patricia Crandall published by The Back Road Cafe ! Good reading.